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Sunburst Technology Ships Type to Learn 4

Posted Nov 18, 2008
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Sunburst Technology has shipped Type to Learn 4: Agents of Information, a comprehensive instructional keyboarding software program for students in grades K to 12. An all-new title in Sunburst’s Type to Learn software series, the program individualizes instruction with a diagnostic pre-test, personalized remediation, and modern accessibility and customization features. The new web version allows students to install the application to a home computer (either by internet download or media CD-ROM) and access their web-hosted scores any time for a seamless school-to-home connection.


The program wraps touch-type keyboarding instruction into a futuristic, 3-D animated world of adventure and information, where students are recruited as agents to help save vital information from being lost forever. Built on a research-based method of sequential, cumulative skills-building instruction, Type to Learn 4’s new curriculum provides 36 leveled lessons, with review, demonstration, practice exercises and activities, multiple formative assessments, and automatic, personalized remediation.


To help students attain keyboarding mastery, which requires effective skill transfer from the program into real-world typing environments and tasks, Type to Learn 4 incorporates real-world typing content, including historical documents, literature passages, original writing tasks, and frequently used Quick-Blends (letter blends, like ck, ill, and ed that are frequently typed and should be practiced together for faster typing) and Quick-Words (short, frequently used words i.e., him, she, and, the) in all lessons and activities.


Type to Learn 4: Agents of Information is correlated with the International Society for Technology in Education’s "NETS-S" (National Educational Technology Standards for Students). It is also mapped to every state’s keyboarding standards. 


Extensive reporting features streamline assessment for teachers. Accuracy, words-per-minute speed, and adjusted words-per-minute are tracked through all lessons and activities. Error reports give added detail on students’ successes and problem areas. Many administration options and settings make student customization easier than ever. Progress graphs and reports on lessons, activities, and assessments are available. Teachers can analyze student errors by hand, finger, and key to pinpoint problem areas. A parent report, accessed from the student login, allows parents to track their child’s progress and scores throughout the program.


Teachers can also add their own subject content into the program for students to type and have it scored automatically for accuracy and words-per-minute. Spanish ESL support provides instructions, navigation, assistance, and reinforcement in Spanish, while the keyboarding lessons and activities themselves remain in English. Accessibility options such as text-to-speech, enhanced font sizes, and font color schemes are included for students who are visually and hearing impaired.


Type to Learn 4 is sold in single, lab pack, unlimited site license, network and web versions. The unlimited school network is $799.95. Information, a free 30-day trial, a preview, and online ordering for this program are also available at


Source: Sunburst Technology,

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