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ITI CrossLinks: Internet2 and Libraries

Posted Nov 26, 2007
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We ran an article on Internet2 in the September/October 2006 issue of Multimedia & Internet @ Schools (Internet2, K-12, and Librarians) and we'll be publishing another feature on the subject in 2008. But if you want a current update right now (!), you won't do better than to read this piece from our sister publication Computers in Libraries, from the November/December 2007 issue: "Internet2 and Libraries—Serving Your Communities at the Speed of Light," by James Werle and Louis Fox, the associate director and director, respectively, of the National Internet2 K20 Initiative.

In the article, Werle and Fox provide useful background, loads of information, and more than one "example of how a few of the more than 50,000 innovative and forward-looking public, school, and academic libraries are beginning to use their access to Internet2 to thoughtfully integrate advanced-networking-enabled applications into the lives of their libraries."

Click HERE to link to their article.

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