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CDW-G School Safety Self-Assessment Tool Available to School Leaders

Posted Aug 14, 2007
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CDW Government, Inc. (CDW-G) has announced the publication of its School Safety Index Self-Assessment Tool, which allows school leaders to participate in CDW-G’s School Safety Index survey and receive instant scores to learn how their school or district compares to the national school safety average CDW-G reported in June.  The School Safety Index published in June is based on a May 2007 survey of 381 school district IT and security directors on 14 elements of physical and cyber safety.  It highlights the indicators of strong district safety programs, as well as the barriers to school safety. 

Key findings of the School Safety Index included:

*      Need for improved and ongoing cyber safety curriculum for students at all grade levels.  Currently just 8 percent of districts have such programs.

*      Need for better faculty and parental emergency communication tools.  Only 1 percent of districts reported that they are considering mass notification systems.

*      Tech-savvy students frustrate IT staffs by side-stepping security measures, such as firewalls, to access unapproved Web sites.

The CDW-G School Safety Self-Assessment Tool scores schools and districts on 10 safety indicators, or strengths, and four contraindicators, or weaknesses: 

Cyber Security Indicators                 Physical Security Indicators

Data Monitoring                                   Building Access

Network Access                                  Local Authority Communication

User Authentication                              Education

Education                                             Faculty Communication

Student Protection                                Parental Communication

Cyber Security Contraindicators      Physical Security Contraindicators

IT Breaches                                          Physical Breaches

IT Barriers                                            Physical Barriers

The CDW-G School Safety Index Self-Assessment Tool is online at  For a complete copy of the survey report, please visit

Source: CDW-G,

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