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CoSN Case Studies: The Value of Ed Tech Investment

Posted Jun 29, 2007
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The Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) released two new case studies, illustrating how school districts in Iowa and Wisconsin measured and assessed the costs and benefits of planned technology projects.

The case studies are part of CoSN’s ongoing Value of Investment (VOI) Leadership Initiative. The VOI case studies are designed to help schools determine their educational goals and better understand how investments in technology will help to achieve them.

The Wisconsin district evaluated an investment in providing online learning as an alterative approach to traditional learning, as part of an effort to promote the concept of lifelong learning.

The Iowa district measured the costs and benefits of implementing formative assessment tools for primary school teachers to provide individualized instruction for improved student literacy.

In both cases, the school districts used CoSN’s VOI methodology to guide decision-making about technology projects under consideration. The methodology involves:

-Estimating project costs or TCO,
-Calculating anticipated savings and revenues,
-Measuring qualitative benefits,
-Assessing risk, and
-Evaluating results.

The studies are available online at  

CoSN, 202/861-2676 or  

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