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Lexia Learning Systems Announces New Version of Lexia Reading

Posted Jun 25, 2007
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At the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), reading software publisher Lexia Learning Systems, Inc. has announced a new version of its research-proven software that will ship this fall. Lexia Reading v5 is a new version of Lexia’s collection of research-based reading software for students in grades K to 12, which already supports core reading curriculum in over 10,000 schools nationwide. The program now brings three Lexia reading titles into one enhanced management system; enables students to access the program at home; includes new and expanded management tools, reporting, and district reporting features; and offers a choice of Lexia-hosted via the Internet, network, or CD-ROM delivery methods.

Lexia software’s effectiveness is proven by research and is guaranteed to get results for most student populations that use Lexia on a consistent basis, the announcement states. Lexia Reading v5’s design builds skills with explicit practice in phonemic awareness and phonics while promoting gains in vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. Using the program, educators are able to assess and monitor student progress on an individual and group basis to assist with differentiating their instruction.

Lexia enables teachers to have each student in their class work independently at the same time on the specific and targeted skills that they need to master to become proficient readers. Students work at their own pace, at their own level, and enjoy a fun and engaging program, which includes an age-appropriate interface and content for older students. Lexia reports provide teachers the ability to continuously monitor and guide additional instruction on specific reading skills.

The Lexia Reading v5 collection of software includes three titles, all aligned to national standards: Lexia Early Reading, designed to increase phonological awareness among 4 to 6 year olds; Lexia Primary Reading helps all children ages 5 to 8 master basic reading skills; and Lexia Strategies for Older Students, for students ages 9 to adult helps older students learn to read through intensive skill practice. Each program provides students with leveled activities that automatically branch in response to students’ performance. The activities provide practice in areas of difficulty and move on to more challenging areas when the student is ready.

New Features:

Lexia Reading v5 is now Web-enabled. Secure Lexia-hosted student data and management modules with a local workstation client installation ensure optimal performance and provide student, teacher and administrator access from any Internet connected computer – in school or from home. The new Lexia-hosting service reduces the burden of individual school technology teams by providing a solid foundation of support with a central, secure, and efficient hosting system.

A new School-to-Home Connection extends the school day by providing 24-hour a day access to Lexia Reading v5 at homes and community centers. It provides the additional practice students need to master critical reading skills essential for reading success by providing more practice time outside the limitations of the school day.

Lexia Reading v5 enables educators to foster students’ reading success by informing and differentiating reading instruction. Lexia provides easy-to-use reports that identify and group students for appropriate instruction and practice; supervise and promote adequate use; and track performance and highlight students in need of support. With these features, educators can manage, assess and guide instruction for individual students, and also by group, class, grade, school, or district.

Lexia’s new reporting system also allows teachers, principals and superintendents the ability to access critical information with ease to make data-driven decisions, from any Internet-enabled computer with no client download necessary. Included in Lexia Reading v5 is a skills analysis report to monitor skill acquisition by district, school or class with drill-down capability to each student. Usage reports identify the time on task for each school, class and student. Progress reports monitor the progress of students, classes and schools through the Lexia program to identify problem areas, and determine individual and group reading acquisition development.

Lexia Reading v5 will be available this fall in both Macintosh and Windows via Lexia’s hosted, Web-enabled option, or as a network version. Internet access is required only for the Web-enabled option. The price will be customized depending on the number of simultaneous users. An implementation of 25 simultaneous users on one of the Lexia Reading programs would cost a school $200 per simultaneous user for a total of $5,000. Typically this would serve a population of 125 students based on a student-to-computer ratio of 5 to 1. One year of customer support is included with all license purchases.

Source: Lexia Learning Systems, Inc.,

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