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Adobe Announces New Site Licensing Option for Schools to Deploy Creative Suite 3

Posted Apr 24, 2007
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Adobe Systems Inc. has announced new site licensing options, curriculum and certification programs for primary and secondary schools deploying Adobe Creative Suite 3. The new resources will make it easier for schools to deploy Adobe's new offering of integrated design and development tools into the curriculum, as well as into career and technical education programs, according to the announcement.

The new Creative Suite 3 K-12 School Site Licenses help primary and secondary schools to cost-effectively deploy Creative Suite on school-owned or school-leased computers across the campus. Once deployed, educators can implement one or more of the year-long project-based curricula that help to develop key digital communication and foundational career skills for students. The curricula, which ships on a DVD with the site licenses, include Visual Design: Foundations of Design and Print Production; Digital Design: Foundations of Web Design; and Digital Video: Foundations of Video Design and Production. Projects in each curriculum engage students in all aspects of design and development from planning to evaluation.

Additionally, through a partnership with Certiport, Adobe will offer entry-level certification to educators and students. The new Adobe Certified Associate program validates communication and technology skills and tests for competencies in the use of Adobe technology.

Additional information on Adobe Creative Suite 3 K-12 School Licenses, certification, and curriculum is available at

Source: Adobe Systems, Inc.,

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