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A LOOK AT... Administrative and Counseling Software and Webware

By Charles G. Doe - Posted May 1, 2007
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When looking at software for K-12 administrators and counselors, we are looking at software and Webware focused on tasks or processes that make K-12 education possible on a large scale.

Administrative software includes the student management systems that cover record keeping, scheduling, and other similar tasks. Software for administrators may also handle teacher evaluations, online learning environments, communications (usually email), grades and grade books, reporting, and much more.

Counseling software is included here because counselors and administrators are concerned with student scheduling and records. In some districts, counselors are also involved with career education and student behavior-observation software.

As with software programs in general, much administrative and counseling software is available in network or in Web-based versions powered by new and developing technologies. A surprising number of these programs are offered in PDA versions or use the PDA as part of a complex system.

This article provides a survey of the possibilities in this area; it is not a comprehensive review of the category. We'll begin with a look at the more complex multifunction systems and move to the smaller, more focused programs. Keep in mind that, in most cases, pricing information is provided only after a company representative has determined the needs of a specific school or district.

Complete article is available now, or will be shortly, in a variety of formats — Preview (free), Full Text, Text+Graphics, and Page Image PDF — courtesy of ITI's InfoCentral. CLICK HERE and search “Multimedia & Internet@Schools” for the story by title.

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