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Interwrite Learning Announces Interwrite Virtual PRS Software

Posted Jan 26, 2007
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Interwrite Learning has announced the latest addition to its student response system family: Interwrite Virtual PRS software. Interwrite Virtual PRS is designed for use with networked computers or Windows-based PDAs in a classroom with or without the Interwrite PRS RF clickers. The Virtual PRS application functions as a "virtual" clicker to allow those devices to operate in the same way as the other wireless PRS RF clickers. Virtual PRS operates on any computer in wired or wireless environments on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, as well as Windows-based PDAs with integrated WiFi. Teachers and professors have a student response system that offers instant classroom assessment via a variety of platforms.

Interwrite PRS allows users to create their quizzes and lessons within the PRS software, using Microsoft PowerPoint slides or by importing questions developed by leading textbook publishers. Interwrite PRS software also offers a set of grading, reporting, and data management features, such as the ability to export student results to leading learning management systems like Blackboard Learning Systems, WebCT and WebAssign. Customers can receive free training for InterWrite PRS via online video tutorials or live online training sessions conducted via WebEx.

Source: Interwrite Learning,

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