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ITI Cross Links: Google Shutters Its Answers Service

Posted Dec 4, 2006
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Over at Information Today, Inc.'s NewsBreaks site, they're continuing to report on happenings of note at Google. Just today, Tara Calishain's story on the closing of Google Answers appeared:

Google announced on Nov. 28 that it is closing down the Google Answers service after more than 4 years of operation. (The announcement was posted on the Google Blog ... ) Given that Google is still at the top of the search engine heap and that Google Answers was, while popular, certainly not at the forefront of the search engine's public identity, it would seem that this announcement would not attract more attention than usual. But it has produced a huge amount of discussion and comment from all corners of the Web community. Why? ...

Find out more by reading all of Tara's story, Google Shutters Its Answers Service, at Information Today, Inc.'s NewsBreaks.

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