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PBS TeacherLine Courses Help Teachers Incorporate Technology Throughout the Curriculum

Posted Nov 8, 2006
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PBS TeacherLine, a provider of facilitated, online professional development for preK-12 educators, is promoting the technology integration component of its online courses in a recent announcement. The courses give teachers the knowledge and skills to integrate technology into the curricula, promoting 21st century learning and increased student achievement, according to the announcement.

All PBS TeacherLine courses—covering reading, math, science, instructional strategies, instructional technology, and curriculum mapping—embed technology resources in the course content. Educational technology provides the means to engage students in core subjects while helping them gain skills to communicate, collaborate, and create, the announcement states. Technology integration is threaded throughout the six key elements of 21st century learning as outlined by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. When used effectively, technology can help students expand their horizons culturally, socially, and academically as well as help them gain essential job skills.

Courses offered by PBS TeacherLine provide educators with information in the subject areas while incorporating technology integration, differentiated instruction, and assessment into coursework. For example, during the course Teaching Reading Fluency, teachers not only learn an array of practical, research-based strategies to help students gain reading fluency, they also explore how technology fosters students' reading fluency. In another course, Understanding Numbers and Operations: Addition and Subtraction, participants together explore a variety of approaches for teaching computational skills by observing students, exploring lessons plans, and examining Web resources. A course project requires teachers to design, implement, and assess a numbers and operations lesson that combines technology, manipulatives, and effective instructional approaches.

In addition to content area courses, PBS TeacherLine offers the ISTE (International Society for Technology In Education) Capstone Certificate Program, a series of research-based, online professional development courses that enable teachers to demonstrate their mastery of ISTE's National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS*T). While participating in the PBS TeacherLine ISTE Capstone courses teachers build a community of educators supportive of technology integration that they can call on after the courses are completed whenever they need assistance.

Some of the most popular PBS TeacherLine courses that focus on instructional technology are:

--Teaching With WebQuests
--Searching and Researching on the Internet
--Publishing on the Web
--Teaching and Learning with Graphic Organizers, Featuring Inspiration

Source: PBS/PBS TeacherLine,

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