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GTCO CalComp Announces InterWrite PRS v.4.10

Posted Oct 16, 2006
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GTCO CalComp has announced the release of InterWrite PRS Software version 4.10 for use with the company's InterWrite PRS system. The latest version of InterWrite PRS software now supports over 14 global languages and is compatible with Windows, MAC OS X, Intel MAC, and Linux. InterWrite PRS 4.10 also showcases a new user interface making it easier for educators to use PRS "clickers" and software to receive student feedback and assess comprehension of a subject matter.

Features of the newly released InterWrite PRS 4.10 Software include the following:

* Sleeker and updated user interface with new graphics makes PRS easier and more intuitive to use
* Localization of the software and all help/user guides into Spanish (Mexican and European), Brazilian Portuguese, European Portuguese, Korean, Polish, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, German, Italian, and French.
* New roster "wizard" to easily merge any class roster into PRS
* Easy to use tool to create Gradebooks from your class roster files.
* The ability to include high/low range values for numeric answers
* The ability to save screen captures of questions for "No Lesson" sessions
* Take InterWrite PRS with you! - Run InterWrite PRS from a USB Memory drive.
* New option in the PRS Blackboard module to download a PRS roster for all students, regardless if they have registered their clickers.
* Support for the new Intel Mac and Linux operating systems

InterWrite PRS software allows users to create quizzes and lessons within the PRS software, using Microsoft PowerPoint slides or by importing questions developed by leading textbook publishers. InterWrite PRS software also offers a set of grading, reporting, and data management features, such as the ability to export student results to leading learning management systems like Blackboard Learning Systems, WebCT and WebAssign.

For more information on InterWrite PRS 4.10 and InterWrite's Interactive Classroom, visit

Source: GTCO CalComp,

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