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Free Resources: NOAA Ocean Explorer

Posted Jun 16, 2006
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We watch a number of sources for good Free Resources to point out to our MMISXtra readers, and the Scout Report, from the Internet Scout Project, is a wonderfully reliable one. Recently, they described NOAA's Ocean Explorer Web site, and it caught our eye.

The Ocean Explorer has ongoing explorations you/your students can join (Aegean and Black Sea; Expedition to the Deep Slope; Submarine Ring of Fire …); a gallery of maps plus photos, audio clips, and writings gathered under headings such as Explorers, Technology, History, Cultural Heritage; and loads more, including a For Fun section.

Read what The Scout Report has to say about Ocean Explorer HERE. (Their description starts out, "So you want to explore the world's oceans? What's that you say? You don't have an advanced degree in oceanography, expensive sea exploration equipment or a major funding source? Visitors to this very thorough and well-designed site may now feel free to breathe a collective sigh of relief … "

Or cut right to NOAA's Ocean Explorer site HERE.

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