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BrainPOP Releases Titles on Leonardo da Vinci and the Fibonacci Sequence

Posted Jun 8, 2006
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Thanks to a best-selling novel and blockbuster film, Leonardo da Vinci and the mathematical numbers known as the Fibonacci sequence are in the spotlight more than ever before. So BrainPOP has announced the release of two new titles - "Leonardo da Vinci" and "The Fibonacci Sequence" - that provide a kid-friendly introduction to these two subjects. BrainPOP characters Tim and Moby "star" in the films, which tackle the topics at hand in an accessible, informal style while providing teachers with a framework for timely classroom discussions, according to the announcement. 

Focusing on da Vinci's scientific and artistic imagination, Tim and Moby bring children deep into the life and times of the original Renaissance man in "Leonardo da Vinci."  Touching on Leonardo's linguistic talents and unique use of images, they link his interest in science to his artistic achievements.

Then, with the help of some local rabbits, the pair tackles the Fibonacci Sequence, calling on examples from nature to explore and explain this set of numbers and its unusual properties. Related activities including a timeline and 10-question quiz support the movie's content and provide another learning tool for educators' use.

"Leonardo da Vinci" and "The Fibonacci Sequence" are available at Note that "The Fibonacci Sequence" is, for a limited time, the "Featured" movie and can be viewed without a subscription. Also, free trial subscriptions are available.

Source: BrainPOP,

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