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H.W. Wilson Releases New Middle and Junior HS Library Catalog

Posted Nov 11, 2005
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H.W. Wilson has launched the Ninth Edition of its Middle and Junior High School Library Catalog. The new edition includes coverage of timely new topics of interest to middle school students and educators, as well as expanded coverage of Web resources, periodicals and graphic novels.

The Catalog provides an up-to-date core collection of fiction and nonfiction books and other publications for readers at grade levels five through nine, in addition to review sources and other aids for school librarians and media specialists. All titles are selected by experienced librarians familiar with the needs of young people and educators in diverse parts of the country.

The new edition's new features include a list of mostly Web-based resources, a two-section list of recommended periodicals (journals for teachers, librarians and media specialists and periodicals with educational value for children and young adults) and a selection of recommended graphic novels, chosen by an expert in the field with special attention to propriety for a middle school and junior high school audience.

Each Catalog entry offers information for acquiring new resources and integrating them into a library collection: publisher, price, ISBN, suggested Dewey Decimal classification, and descriptive annotations and evaluative quotes from reviews. Also included are notes on available editions, awards, publication history and series titles.

The new Middle and Junior High School Library Catalog is available in an electronic edition on WilsonWeb and in print format. The online edition delivers the new content, an archive from the previous edition, online links and electronic searching features. The paper edition includes annual updates in paperbound supplements through 2008, at no additional charge.

Source: H.W. Wilson, 800/367-6770 or

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