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FAS Hosts Summit on Educational Games

Posted Nov 4, 2005
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The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) recently hosted the first Summit on Educational Games in Washington, DC. The one-day session brought individuals from academia, government, private foundations, and the software industry together for the first time to examine ways to produce complex and sophisticated educational computer activities rooted in the world of electronic gaming.

The attendees were passionate about the strong role the computer is playing in the lives of the nation's learners, especially the school-age set where changes in the use of technology far outpace the momentum of curriculum-related product development.

The session featured a look at four computer learning programs: Immune Attack, Tactical Language Trainer, Incident Commander, and Civilization 3. All featured simulations that provided opportunities for problem solving and skill building.

Summit speakers included Jeffery Briggs, Firaxis Founder and President; Ann Foster of Harcourt eLearning; Eugene Hickok, former Deputy Secretary of Education; Joe Irby, BestQuest President; Henry Kelly, FAS President; Midian Kurland of Scholastic; Lorne Lanning of OddWorld; Barbara Olds of the National Science Foundation; Howard Phillips of Microsoft; Douglas Whatley, BreakAway Games CEO; Mike Zyda of the University of Southern California, and others.

The session may ultimately spur the nation's future educational technology funding. Summit participants are focusing on concrete steps and are developing a practical plan of action to forward to Congress in the spring.

Complete documentation and a wide variety of materials related to the event appear online at

Federation of American Scientists,

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