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Free Resources: ScienCentral, Inc. Video Stories

Posted Nov 4, 2005
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ScienCentral, Inc. recently contacted us about their videos on the latest research and developments in science and technology. They are currently providing their video stories free to educators who wish to use them as teaching tools or in presentations, and they are working further with educational publishers to provide their science content.

From the ScienCentral Web site:

ScienCentral is a production company specializing in science and technology content for television/video, CD-ROM, and the Web. It was co-founded in 1996 by scientist and CEO/President Eliene Augenbraun to increase the number and quality of science stories being broadcast to the public.

ScienCentral's independent news bureau, ScienCentral News (formerly known as Science & Technology News Network), reports on the medical, environmental, and technological issues that affect daily life. ScienCentral News' features can be seen several times each week on ABC's and NBC's local TV affiliate stations. ScienCentral News is produced in collaboration with The Center for Science and the Media.

You can get a sense of ScienCentral's content by visiting the site <>, browsing or using various search features to find stories that interest you/your students, and viewing them online. (A sampling from today's home page: Remote Control Flies, Defeating Dyslexia, Spider Silk Strength, Alzheimer's Eye Test, and Living to 100.) There are nearly 1,000 stories archived on the site.

A ScienCentral spokeswoman wrote us: "If a teacher sees our site and wants to use our videos for educational/classroom purposes, they usually contact us by phone or e-mail and we provide the video clips free of charge. We can provide them in QuickTime, Real Media, Windows Media or on VHS/DVCam/Beta. The teacher just signs our license form allowing permission to use."

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