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By Trevor Shaw - Posted Nov 1, 2005
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Well, the Eagle has landed, so to speak.

Last Friday was our first day of school, and we delivered 61 tablet computers to our sixth grade students. This past Monday, we delivered 109 tablet computers to our ninth graders. I am still in the process of mopping up minor glitches, but, in general, things have gone very smoothly—so smoothly, in fact, that I'm now waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I finished this week with a tremendous amount of respect for large school districts and colleges that pull off much larger laptop programs every year. Indeed, by comparison, the laptop program across the state of Maine makes our program seem minuscule. There is something about the small size of our rollout, however, that I value. I have been able to be in direct contact not only with the teachers as they begin their implementation, but also with the students. I have seen firsthand the technical glitches that occur in a classroom on the first day, and I have had the ability to be present in many cases to fix them. I have seen how the implementation of our program has affected our school community at every level, and I am very pleased to say at this early stage of the process: So far, so good.

Prep and Planning

A major component of our success, I believe, was the amount of preparation we did beforehand as well as the level at which we involved our teachers in the planning process.


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