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ABC-CLIO Announces Latest Subscription Web Site: United States At War—Understanding Conflict and Society

Posted Oct 13, 2005
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ABC-CLIO has announced it will release a new subscription Web site on the study of war and conflict this fall. United States At War—Understanding Conflict and Society will look at 14 American-involved wars and allow users to compare the military, economic, and social aspects of each conflict.

The site enables users to explore the major conflicts involving the U.S. throughout its history, both through the events that shaped them and the themes that defined them. Presented by working historians, essays detailing the defining moments of each conflict provide a glimpse into that specific world. Users will have one-click-away access to contemporary research and journalism; statistical data and maps; biographies; profiles of all other nations and combatants involved; extensive supporting media (archival video, audio, and still images), and more.

Users can easily compare and contrast numerous key themes, both broad and specific, including strategy, resources, economy, politics, society, and culture, according to the ABC-CLIO announcement. Content will be added and updated regularly, offering a holistic understanding of conflict not found in textbooks. In addition, top historians will debate points of view with balanced, pro/con perspectives, encouraging students to think critically while forming opinions and drawing conclusions.

For more information and to sign up for a preview, follow this link:

Source: ABC-CLIO,

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