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Big6 Learning Resources Announces Release of Big6 TurboTools v1.03

Posted Jul 28, 2005
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Big6 Learning Resources has announced the release of Big6 TurboTools v1.03. TurboTools is a software program for Windows and Macintosh, designed by Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz, to help students become more productive and successful using the Big6 information problem-solving process. It guides students through the Big6 process to create projects and complete assignments of all types, including research papers and book reports.

Big6 TurboTools assists educators in preparing students to become world class researchers and independent learners, according to the announcement. Students are empowered to improve their grades and learn how to efficiently solve information problems.

The following is a summary of the added features and benefits in v1.03:

- The new Big6 TurboTools personal edition is now available in addition to the school version. This standalone option allows users to create, store, and manage projects, planners, and documents.
- Projects and planners can be exported and imported to allow users to take them home for use in the Big6 TurboTools personal edition.
- Evaluations and tests can be exported and imported to facilitate resource sharing between schools and institutions.
- A filtering utility has been added to allow administrators to categorize reports, evaluations, and tests for specifics teachers and/or courses.
- Various users (e.g., teachers) can be designated as administrators. When logged in as an administrator, users can create report templates, evaluations, and tests.
- The Big6 Planner can now contain project documents and can be managed from either the locker or planner views.

Source: Big6 Learning Resources,

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