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News@NECC: Sunburst Technology Announces New Key Skills: Phonics Mastery Reading Software

Posted Jun 28, 2005
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Sunburst Technology has announced Key Skills: Phonics Mastery, the latest addition to the Key Skills line of software. This new title is for students in grades K to 3 and targets phonics. The announcement was made at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Philadelphia.

Featuring more than 80 educational activities that cover phonics skills, the program is the most comprehensive title in the Key Skills Series. Key Skills: Phonics Mastery provides a progressive and complete presentation of phonics skills with activities that directly align to all 50 states' standards, according to the announcement. The program addresses International Reading Association (IRA) and National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) standards for language arts.

Its approach to phonics combines over 80 sequenced, animated activities with an assessment tool, enabling teachers to target, assess, and remediate the exact skills they need for their students, according to Sunburst's announcement. Each individual activity is correlated to curriculum standards in all 50 states and is designed to provide practice and reinforcement on a specific phonics skill.

The program's management tool helps teachers assign activities, capture student performance, create diagnostic reports, and demonstrate accountability to standards. Key Skills: Phonics Mastery helps teachers identify at-risk students, and provides the data they need to apply for Title I funding. For schools that already receive funding, Key Skills: Phonics Mastery supports the requirements of the Reading First provision.

Key Skills: Phonics Mastery will be available this fall through Sunburst Technology and educational resellers such as Educational Resources. It includes the company's School-to-Home license for teachers to use the software on home computers for lesson planning or homework. The suggested price for a single edition of the full product for grades K to 3 is $149.95. Two grade-specific versions of the software are also available, Key Skills: Phonics Mastery (Grades K to 1) and Key Skills: Phonics Mastery (Grades 2 to 3), for $79.95 each. Network versions also will be available later this winter.

Information, a demo, and online ordering for this title are available at

Source: Sunburst Technology,

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