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LEARNING UNLEASHED!: Getting Parents and Teachers to Buy In to Our Tablet PC Program

By Trevor Shaw - Posted May 1, 2005
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Change is hard to swallow. The introduction of one-to-one computing has presented massive changes for virtually everyone involved. Students, teachers, and parents have been asked not only to accept these changes, but also to invest time, money, and effort into making them work. While many people in our community were enthusiastic about our tablet PC program, it did meet with some opposition and concern, and it quickly became important to spend some time and effort on public relations.

As word began to spread about our plans to implement a tablet PC program, we began to get mixed feedback from both parents and teachers. Virtually all of the student feedback, as well as most of the feedback in general, was positive. But there did seem to be a small, yet vocal, group of parents and teachers who had some strong opposition to the idea of giving every student and teacher a computer. What concerned the teachers was different from what concerned the parents, but both groups felt a steadily growing level of anxiety related to the program.


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