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School Library Advocacy Graduate Course for Administrators

Posted Apr 15, 2005
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Tell your school and district administrators about this great online course! We learned of it through an LM_NET posting.

LSC6600 School Library Advocacy for Administrators

Developed with IMLS federal grant funds, LSC 6600 is a short, one-credit graduate course for school principals, curriculum and technology coordinators, and superintendents. Available online during five weeks in the summer, it is designed to help administrators learn how to maximize a school library program to increase student achievement.

School leaders learn the research correlating school libraries with improved test scores, how to integrate an information literacy skills with classroom curriculum and state academic standards, how to improve access to libraries and collections, and are provided with some basic guideline and evaluation tools. Through readings, videos, and online discussions with colleagues, administrators can apply new knowledge and advocacy skills to their local school library programs. No windshield time; it's all online and can even be completed during vacation with Internet access!

Based on Information Power, the Internet-based program runs from June 27 through July 29. Admissions have been streamlined and tuition is a reasonable $390 + books (PA residents) or $564 + books (out-of-state).

Topics included are:

Mod 1: The School Library and Academic Achievement

Mod 2: Information Literacy & Academic Standards

Mod 3: The Library Collection and Flexible Access

Mod 4: Revitalization and Evaluation of the School Library Program

Complete information, including the syllabus and a testimonial video by administrators who have completed the course, can be found at

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