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ISTE Announces Launch of Advocacy Toolkit Program

Posted Feb 15, 2005
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The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has announced the launch of its Advocacy Toolkit. Originated during ISTE's 2004 Leadership Symposium, the Advocacy Toolkit supplies templates, starter kits, research-based articles, and communication strategies for conveying the importance of educational technology to a variety of audiences.

An evolving resource with updates planned for later this spring, the Advocacy Toolkit was designed to make the case for educational technology to a variety of audiences including legislators, school boards, educators, and the business community. Funded in part by Intel Innovation in Education, the Toolkit helps to demonstrate the effects of technology and its ability to reshape education.

"Effective advocacy from people close to the classroom makes a huge difference!" said Kurt Steinhaus, Education Policy Advisor for New Mexico and ISTE board president-elect. "I learned that as a classroom teacher, and I've seen it time and again in my policy work with state and national organizations. That's why I heartily endorse ISTE's Advocacy Toolkit. Sparked by grassroots demand and built collaboratively by people close to the story, it's adaptable, relevant and filled with the best tips and strategies for effective advocacy on education issues."

Access the Toolkit at

Source: ISTE,

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