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LEARNING UNLEASHED!: Finishing Training, Starting the School Year

By Trevor Shaw - Posted Jan 1, 2005
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One of my biggest frustrations with the first two staff technology training sessions this past summer was the amount of time that was spent on direct instruction. I had hoped that most of our training time would consist of faculty working on projects and discussing ideas of how to use the technology in their classes.

Instead, I found that because many faculty members struggled with some of the basics of the technology, I needed to spend a lot of time explaining the fundamentals. In our third training session, however, we finally got what I had been hoping for.

Session three was scheduled to take place the 2 days before school started. As with our other workshops, we felt that it was important for training to occur outside of the busy school year, when teachers don't have time to experiment with new technologies. In workshop number three, teachers not only had the experience of a summer's worth of practice with their tablet PCs (see my Learning Unleashed! columns in the September/October and November/December 2004 issues of MMIS), but they also had enough time between training sessions two and three to practice the skills they had learned earlier in the summer.


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