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LEARNING UNLEASHED!: Tech Training and Modeling Effective Teaching

By Trevor Shaw - Posted Sep 1, 2004
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Things are beginning to get interesting as I write this in the first week of June 2004. Two weeks ago, the tablets for the teachers arrived, and our tech team worked under an incredibly tight schedule to get them inventoried and configured with our software. Last week, our Board of Trustees had its end-of-year meeting at which I presented the Learning Unleashed program. I explained how our school is at a critical time in terms of curriculum, facilities, and technology, and that requiring students to purchase Tablet PCs is the right direction for us at this time. After a period of discussion, a question was called, and our program was approved by a unanimous vote. Last Friday I nervously held my breath as 30 teachers opened their tablets for the first time and turned them on. To learn what happens next ... 


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