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EDITOR'S NOTES: Makerspaces, Future-Watching, and Transitions

By David Hoffman - Posted Dec 1, 2017
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For this, the final Editor’s Note, I’m breaking the issue down into three sections:

Makerspaces: Creativity and curiosity are the stuff of the maker movement, a movement that has been well-integrated by now into the world of libraries and into the world of education in general. We think that inherent creativity and curiosity have led the movement to evolve a lot during the last several years, so we asked Victor Rivero to take a snapshot of it as it stands now. From what he’s found and reported, it’s clear that “making” will remain integral to what librarians and other educators will do going forward. See Victor’s Tools for Learning piece, “The Maker Movement Matures—3D Printing, Serious Play, and More,” on page 5.

Future-Watching: Further to the theme of what librarians and educators should do going forward, columnists Stephen Abram and Carolyn Foote have each taken stock of where your profession is heading and how to help steer it along the best path. In his Pipeline column “Connecting the Dots: An Educator/Librarian’s Charge” (page 8), Stephen discusses “seeing patterns and judging likelihood and direction.” And Carolyn, in “Trending Now … And Into the Future” (page 10), looks to the book Library 2020 plus her own experience to consider “where are we going next? What trends ought we be paying attention to, and what thinking can we do about the ‘why’ of who we are and where we are going?”

Transitions: And finally, going forward … your editor is retiring! It has been rewarding and instructive to observe and report about educational technology and school librarianship over these past years and to learn from writers, Internet@Schools conference speakers, and you, the readers. As for Internet@Schools the magazine, it will live on! Much as we integrated the Internet@Schools conference into Information Today, Inc.’s Computers in Libraries and Internet Librarian conferences, my successors plan to integrate Internet@Schools into Information Today, Inc.’s Computers in Libraries magazine. Watch for it in 2018!

Going forward, stay as creative and curious as your profession demands!

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