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Free Online Math Resource Matific Bringing Gaming Fun to Math Teaching With More Than 1,000 Learning Activities

Posted Aug 31, 2015
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Matific, a provider of online math activities for K-6 students, has added new enhancements to its offering, including free lesson plans tied to specific math topics and advanced reporting via the teacher dashboard. Matific’s team of math professors and early childhood educators develop its content to offer educators engaging and interactive activities to reinforce mathematical concepts taught in K-6 classrooms.

Matific offers more than 700 game-based episodes, which are short interactive activities, and digital worksheets that students can access on any device with internet access, including Mac, PC, iPad and Android. Educators can choose episodes by grade, standard, or textbook alignment and episodes can be delivered to students in the way the teacher likes to teach best, such as whole classroom presentation, broadcasting to the entire class on their devices, or assigned to individuals or groups of students.

The teacher dashboard allows teachers to print out login cards for students and it provides student-level and class-level performance reports, such as student achievement snapshot, student scores by topic, student cumulative scores, and more. These reports allow teachers to differentiate instruction based on students’ needs.

Educators can sign up at Once they are logged in, they can set up their class profiles, then either invite individual students to Matific or upload entire class lists. Access to Matific is free during normal school hours. Schools and districts can also purchase premium accounts to provide students with access to Matific after school hours. The company also sells Matific to parents who want to strengthen their child’s math performance.

For more information, to view sample episodes or to sign up for a Matific account, visit

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