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Celebrating the Constitution!

By Linda C. Joseph - Posted Sep 1, 2015
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For September 1, 2015: Here are two sites to help students kick offf the school year by getting into the Constitution:

The Consitution: That Delicate Balance: Sign up to view free videos prepared by the Annenberg Foundation. Prominent individuals spontaneously debate the pros and cons of controversial issues such as the right to die, first amendment rights, and immigration. Supporting resources further enhance the learning experience by examining democracy, citizenship, and primary sources. Videos on this site are gathered together from a variety of reputable organizations that produce high quality educational media. It is designed for high school, college and adult learners.

Celebrate the Constitution: This Scholastic lesson is designed for lower grades. Activities include creating a classroom constitution, writing your own Bill of Rights, and a scavenger hunt through the constitution by looking for answers to questions. Supplemental material includes interviews with Caroline Kennedy and the late Robert Byrd. Heroes of the Constitution focuses on Ben Franklin, the framers, a timeline of Democracy, the Supreme Court, Women's right to vote and civil rights.
Fly over to CyberBee at for more great websites, lessons, and activities to use with students.

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