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Mimio Unveils MimioMobile for Web Browsers, Gives Educators First Public Demos of the Touch-enabled MimioProjector 280T

Posted Jun 29, 2015
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Mimio is introducing two major updates to its MimioClassroom family of interactive teaching technologies at ISTE 2015: the MimioProjector 280T touch projector, and expanded device compatibility for the MimioMobile application.

MimioMobile's Expanded Compatibility

The MimioMobile app will now be compatible with any device with a supported web browser, so educators and students can access and use the application's assessment and collaboration features from nearly any device, including Chromebooks and Windows surface tablets.

The app allows for an easy transition from full-classroom instruction to small-group learning, and it enables teachers to develop assessments with short-answer, short-essay, numeric, and multiple-choice student responses. These features support the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) that call for creating a stronger collaborative learning environment for students, while providing teachers with an in-depth understanding of their students’ progress and comprehension.

MimioProjector 280T

Mimio will also be conducting its first public demonstration of the MimioProjector 280T touch projector at ISTE 2015. This exhibition will give attendees an in-depth look at the projector's interactive touch capabilities.

The MimioProjector 280T is a touch-enabled projector that turns conventional dry erase boards into touch boards. The 280T provides one of the largest interactive areas available today – as large as 100 inches diagonal – and it allows up to 10 students to work together simultaneously. Users can work directly with their fingers or with the included styli. The 280T technology utilizes Mimio’s easy to set up Laser Curtain module, which is powered directly from the projector. The MimioProjector 280T is a full-featured solution that includes MimioStudio classroom software for lesson creation, assessment, and collaboration.

Source: Mimio,

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