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ITI Crosslinks: ThinkeringSpace Project Aims to Provide a New Way to Play in the 21st Century

Posted Aug 6, 2008
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What do you get when you tinker with thinking … and playing … and technology? Well, one result would be the ThinkeringSpace project, which Information Today Inc.’s Kathy Dempsey reported on in a recent ITI NewsBreak. It’s compelling: "The idea is to design a place where young people can ‘tinker" and ‘think’ at the same time, learning things outside of schools while playing outside the box," she reports. More from her article:



ThinkeringSpace is one of those projects you’ll want to keep an eye on, because it just might have a big effect on the future of libraries. ThinkeringSpace is a creative design project based at the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago. The concept is not exactly easy to explain. The website ( ) refers to it as "An experiment in exploratory learning funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation." The homepage itself says, "ThinkeringSpace is a system, made of both physical and virtual environments, that aims to promote creative and critical thinking skills for the 21st century." My own best explanation is that it’s a high-tech, mobile, collaborative space for play that’s being designed to be set up in libraries for various purposes and programs.


Still clear as mud? Part of the reason is that ThinkeringSpace hasn’t even really been built yet. Let’s go back to the project’s beginnings and explain it from the ground up …


As we suggested, compelling! Click HERE to read Kathy's entire story on Information Today, Inc.’s NewsBreaks.

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