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ITI Crosslinks: Bringing the Smithsonian to a Library Near You, Thanks to Cengage Learning

Posted Mar 13, 2013
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Covered here ever so briefly via a press announcement earlier, Cengage's plans following its licensing agreement with the Smithsonian Institution are fully described and explored by Online Searcher magazine's editor-in-chief Marydee Ojala in her NewsBreak posting “Bringing the Smithsonian to a Library Near You, Thanks to Cengage Learning.” From the article:

A licensing agreement between the Smithsonian Institution and Gale, part of Cengage Learning, will see Gale digitizing some Smithsonian archives and creating searchable databases, available by subscription for libraries of all types, residing on a Smithsonian branded platform that Gale is creating for the Smithsonian. The project will start with the complete backfiles of Smithsonian and Air & Space magazines. That’s 43 years of Smithsonian and 26 of Air & Space.

Digitizing magazines is obviously a core competency of Gale’s—millions of articles from a wide variety magazines populate its many databases. It’s also no stranger to partnering with major cultural institutions—just look at its involvement with National Geographic, The British Library, Library of Congress, and the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs. But the Smithsonian project goes beyond the realm of published magazines. It will also digitize archival materials, such as rare books, personal papers, photographs, and manuscripts. In the future, Gale will foray into 3D digitization of Smithsonian-owned objects. With Gale's help, the Smithsonian’s vast collection will be preserved electronically and made searchable.

Read Marydee's full coverage HERE on Information Today, Inc.'s NewsBreaks.

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