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ITI Cross Links: Wolfram Alpha--Semantic Search Is Born

Posted May 22, 2009
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It's the hot new ... what shall we call it? Search engine. No. Information tool? Maybe. How about "finding tool?" It's Wolfram Alpha. And as it's being written about by those in the information and search business, phrases like Web 3.0 and semantic search are coming into play.

Woody Evans has written about it for Information Today. It's not that easy to understand ... for us at least. But his NewsBreaks article is a big help. From the top of the article:

Search engines still matter, but Wolfram Alpha ( hopes to shift us toward a "finding engine" that uses Web 3.0 principles to deliver information from natural language queries. Wolfram Alpha is the latest big project from Wolfram Research, Inc. Marketed as a computational knowledge engine, it boils down to being a really smart way to access most of the best reference shelves on the planet. Think about it as a library minus the disdain for skateboarders plus Wolfram's Mathematica program powering the world's biggest online scientific calculator.

Click HERE to link to the story, "Wolfram Alpha--Semantic Search Is Born," in Information Today, Inc.'s NewsBreaks.

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