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ITI Cross Links: Video Tools for IP Schools

Posted Feb 2, 2005
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From MultiMedia & Internet@Schools' sister publication at Information Today, Inc., author Mark Fritz writes that it isn't just business enterprises capitalizing on the advantages of voice over IP (VoIP) networks. Many public school systems have also made the move to VoIP, and they've been realizing the same cost savings as big companies. And they've also begun to take advantage of their IP networks' additional ability to stream video (a perk that comes along with VoIP).

During the past year, school districts all across the country have discovered that by consolidating their independent networks—data, voice, and video—into one IP network, they save money and time, because they now need to manage and support just one robust network instead of several. IP also is driving new software applications that take advantage of the consolidation of voice, video, and data. For example, an IP network enables teachers to use online collaboration tools at the same time it makes it easy to integrate videoconferencing with telephony, laying the foundation for enhanced productivity and future educational applications.

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