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ITI Cross Links: Update on ERIC

Posted Oct 4, 2005
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We've only touched on ERIC, the Education Resources Information Center, a couple of times since we launched this Web site: New ERIC Web Site Launched last fall, and, tangentially, Cool Links: Why Should Principals Support School Libraries? at this past spring. But much has been happening at/to ERIC over the past couple of years, and it has been covered quite a bit in various Information Today, Inc. publications.

Most recently, Information Today, Inc. News Bureau Chief Paula Hane wrote that "The venerable ERIC database has been undergoing an extensive restructuring and modernization program ... " in her October 1, 2005, NewsLink e-newsletter article "Update on ERIC." Paula recaps the recent history of ERIC--which, as she writes, is responsible for the database of journal and non-journal education literature--and, well, gives a very thorough update on the modernization of this essential education literature resource. Read her story HERE

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