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ITI Cross Links: The Wisdom of Crowds of Librarians Is on the Way—In Time: Reference Extract

Posted Dec 1, 2008
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On October 13, we ran a Cool Link to the article in The Chronicle of Higher Education—Wired Campus section on the Reference Extract project involving OCLC and the information schools of Syracuse University and the University of Washington. Since then, Searcher magazine editor Barbara Quint has done some research on the project herself, which she reports in her ITI NewsBreaks story "The Wisdom of Crowds of Librarians Is on the Way—In Time: Reference Extract." It’s a much deeper and more thorough look than you may have seen yet, so we recommend the read. She starts out:


Google can sleep easier—for a while, at least. A flurry of press coverage suggesting that "radical, militant librarians" —as the FBI refers to members of this profession—were heading its way turns out to be a little previous. While experts from three top library and information science institutions have begun a process that they promise will lead to a new search engine with a new infrastructure designed to emphasize authoritative content, the process is at very early stages yet. According to R. David Lankes, Ph.D., director of the Information Institute of Syracuse and associate professor at Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies, a product roll-out for Reference Extract ( is not expected to take place until sometime in 2010. The other two institutions involved are the University of Washington’s Information School and OCLC. The MacArthur Foundation has provided a $100,000 planning grant, which should lead to a full proposal in 2009.


Click HERE to read bq’s article on ITI NewsBreaks.

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