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ITI Cross Links: Searching Books Between the Covers

Posted May 4, 2005
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If you're up for some sophisticated but quite current analysis of the new, free full-text search choices offered by search engines—e.g. Amazon's Search Inside the Book and Google Print—the current (May/June 2005) issue of editor Marydee Ojala's ONLINE magazine features a column by Greg Notess, reference librarian, frequent conference presenter, and search and information industry guru, entitled "Searching Books Between the Covers." From the top of Greg's article: "Although a growing number of copyright-free books are now on the Web, those still under copyright remained unsearchable—until now." Among the subheadings: Full-Text Book Search Options, When to Search Between the Covers, Search Strategies, and Current Comparisons.

Click HERE to jump to the article in Information Today, Inc.'s ONLINE magazine.

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