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ITI Cross Links: New LexisNexis CopyGuard Verifies Content Originality

Posted Aug 31, 2005
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Plagiarism and ways to combat it are always of interest to the education community as we strive to further good (and honest and legal) research  and writing skills among students/future professionals. In an Information Today, Inc. NewsBreak, Paula Hane has written about a new anti-plagiarism tool from LexisNexis and iParadigm, CopyGuard. While CopyGuard is geared more toward the business, legal, and media professions, it pays to be aware of developements in this area.

Paula writes: "It's hard to miss the news of intellectual property (IP) infringements. Several high-profile plagiarism scandals in the mainstream media (including The New York Times, USA Today, etc.) have brought the issues to the public and have left the media scrambling to regain trust. Now, information provider LexisNexis has teamed up with iParadigms, a company known for providing plagiarism detection in the academic world, to offer a new IP theft-detection solution to the media and business community..."

Click HERE to link to Paula's NewsBreak, "New LexisNexis CopyGuard Verifies Content Originality."

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