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ITI Cross Links: Anti Google Book Settlement Organizations Band Together in Open Book Alliance

Posted Aug 28, 2009
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Information Today, Inc.'s news editor Paula Hane is monitoring and reporting on the Google book settlement and proceeding relating to it. Here's the opening of her August 27, 2009, NewsBreak story:

The countdown to the Oct. 7 court hearing on the Google Book settlement is on. The ground swell of discontent and opposition is growing stronger and louder as we approach the Sept. 4 deadline by which objections must be filed with the U.S. District Court judge who will decide the fate of the proposed settlement agreement between Google and the author and publisher groups that brought suit. It's no surprise that an official opposition coalition has now been formed, but it includes an unlikely assembly of major tech partners-Amazon, Yahoo!, and Microsoft. The just announced Open Book Alliance ( also includes library organizations, publishing groups, and nonprofits. Its purpose is to "counter the proposed Google Book Settlement in its current form."

Click HERE to link to Paula's complete story, "Anti Google Book Settlement Organizations Band Together in Open Book Alliance," in Information Today, Inc.'s NewsBreaks.

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