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IT Cross Links: ProQuest Information and Learning Goes to CSA--What Now?

Posted Dec 27, 2006
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From an Information Today, Inc. NewsBreaks story by Barbara Quint, published December 27:

ProQuest Information and Learning (PQIL;, the bulk of ProQuest Co. (, and one of the nation's oldest and largest database aggregators has been sold to Cambridge Information Group (CIG; The acquisition will result in the creation of a new, privately held company (yet to be named) that merges the operations of PQIL and Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA: Both the Ann Arbor, Mich., operation of PQIL and the Bethesda, Md., operation of CSA will continue in their current locations. Driven partly by financial pressure from continuing debts connected to past financial irregularities, the acquisition should provide the publicly held ProQuest Co. (NYSE:PQE) with approximately $222 million. Martin Kahn, the longtime executive for a number of traditional database services, will serve as CEO of the new company and will move to Ann Arbor. Matt Dunie will expand his current presidency of CSA to presidency of the new company.

Read more--including sections entitled Whither the New Company?, What's Left of ProQuest Co.?, and To Whom It May Concern--by cross-linking to Barbara's story, ProQuest Information and Learning Goes to CSA--What Now?, at Information Today, Inc.'s NewsBreaks.

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