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Free Resources: World Book’s “Hurricanes!” Feature

Posted Jun 5, 2006
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World Book has introduced a new feature to help students and their parents better understand these storms. The online feature, "Hurricanes!," is available through the World Book Online Reference Center for schools and libraries ( and consumers (

World Book's hurricane feature offers a comprehensive overview of hurricanes, including how they originate and travel as well as their impact on both the coastal and marine ecosystems. The feature also explores 10 of the most significant hurricanes over the past 70 years, culminating with last year's Hurricane Katrina. Also provided is information about the operation of the hurricane warning system, as well as advice about protecting lives and property during hurricanes. Each section of the feature is supported by charts, graphs, maps, and other images that reinforce and add information to the topic.

The hurricane feature also provides students with a variety of editor-reviewed links allowing them to explore further, including links to universities and government agencies. Additionally, students can test their knowledge through an interactive quiz on hurricanes.

The "Hurricanes!" feature is one of dozens World Book Content Spotlight features, available at no charge at Content Spotlight features are designed to bring alive topics for students, prompting them to explore areas that they may not have known they had an interest in. The information is presented in an age-appropriate, balanced format using text as well as media to heighten the experience, according to the announcement.

Source: World Book, Inc.,

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