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Free Resources: World Book’s ‘Causes and Effects of Global Warming’

Posted Oct 4, 2006
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World Book has introduced a new feature to help students and their parents better understand the issues around global warming, from the science to the politics. The online feature, Causes and Effects of Global Warming, is available through the World Book Online Reference Center for schools and libraries ( and consumers (

The World Book Global Warming feature offers students a comprehensible overview of global warming, addressing its causes, expected impacts, and what has been done about it so far, according to the announcement.

The feature takes an in-depth look at how the production, transportation, and use of fossil fuels, as well as associated environmental pollution, each contribute to global warming. It also examines the damaging effects continued global warming could have, from the greenhouse effect to weather pattern changes, which may cause further flooding, droughts, and more damaging storms. The impact of global warming on the ocean as well as on plants and animals also is explored. The feature also discusses how climatologists and other scientists are studying ways to limit global warming, including reducing carbon dioxide emissions and increasing fuel efficiency. The Kyoto Protocol also is discussed in detail, from its terms and history to its controversy in the scientific community.

Additionally, the feature includes dozens of links to key terms covered in further detail in the World Book online encyclopedia, from acid rain to the World Health Organization, reinforcing concepts addressed in the feature by providing detail through related information, charts, and graphs.

The Global Warming feature also provides students with a variety of editor-reviewed links allowing them to explore further, including links to government agencies and organizations in the U.S., Canada, and abroad.

The Causes and Effects of Global Warming feature is one of dozens World Book Content Spotlight features, available at no charge at (This feature also is available directly at Content Spotlight features are designed to bring alive topics for students, prompting them to explore areas that they may not have known they had an interest in. The information is presented in an age-appropriate, balanced format using text as well as media to heighten the experience, the announcement states.

Source: World Book, Inc.,

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