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Free Resources: World Book Spotlight on “Earth: The Living Planet”

Posted Apr 4, 2007
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In preparation for Earth Day, April 22, 2007, World Book, Inc. is showcasing the planet in a free, multi-faceted content spotlight, "Earth: The Living Planet" ( The Earth content spotlight provides students, educators, and families with a detailed account of the geography, geophysical history, ecology, and exploration of the planet.

The site offers a comprehensive understanding of why Earth is able to support life, how the planet has changed over time, and what geologists and other earth scientists have learned as they've uncovered Earth's history. Biographies of scientists who have studied the planet, including British geologist Sir Charles Lyell, German mineralogist Abraham Gottlob Werner, and Scottish geologist James Hutton, inspire students and teach them about how different sciences apply to the study of the planets. The World Book Earth site also provides a detailed account of people's impact on the planet.

Maps, interactive quizzes, illustrations, and photographs support the information presented. Students are encouraged to explore further through links to dozens of government, university, and science Web sites reviewed by World Book editors.

The World Book Earth spotlight also ties to state curriculum standards.

Source: World Book, Inc.

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