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Free Resources: Collaboration Tools

Posted Oct 3, 2008
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Wiggio has announced the launch of, a website designed to help students to work in groups. Wiggio was developed specifically for the student market and the functionalities were chosen based directly on student input.


Wiggio’s free, web-based tools allow students to manage and keep track of all of their groups from one place. The site’s features and functions are what students want and need to be able to work effectively in groups, the announcement states. Features include the following:


§         Messaging—Send mass text messages, emails, and voice messages to group members.

§         Calendar—Shared calendar keeps track of all group meetings, events, deadlines, etc. Opt in to get text message and email reminders about upcoming events.

§         Folder—Access and save documents in one place and avoid the hassle of sending attachments back and forth.

§         Meeting—Set up free group conference calls or group chat sessions.

§         Polling—Get group members' opinions quickly and easily.


Wiggio is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company founded in 2008 by a team of entrepreneurs and technology experts. Created for students by students, Wiggio hopes to change the way students work in groups by creating an easier and more efficient way for students to collaborate and communicate.

Source: Wiggio,

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