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Free Resources: WGBH Teachers’ Domain’s Adolescent Literacy Collection Targeting Struggling Readers

Posted Mar 6, 2009
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WGBH Teachers’ Domain, a free online educational service for teachers developed by Boston public television station WGBH , has announced the launch of an adolescent literacy media resource collection targeting struggling readers in grades 5-12.

"Inspiring Middle School Literacy: Reading and Writing in Science and History" can be viewed at and features 15 standards-based activities for students designed to enhance their literacy skills. Teachers choose a science or history topic, then have students proceed through reading passages, videos, and interactive activities, using a glossary to build vocabulary and a note-taking area to submit writing assignments. The resources are designed to help struggling readers improve their literacy skills by building comprehension and encouraging active thinking.


"Inspiring Middle School Literacy: Reading and Writing in Science and History" is the first collection on Teachers’ Domain that focuses exclusively on building literacy skills across content areas. It is comprised of interactive activities that middle school teachers can use to supplement their science, social studies, or language arts curriculum.


Social studies topics covered in the "Inspiring Middle School Literacy" include:
Mayan Civilization
Native and Settler Perspectives on the Land
Resisting Slavery
The Story of Pocahontas
The Three Branches of Government
Debating the Constitution
Alexander Hamilton
Building the Erie Canal


Science topics covered include:
Exploring the Everglades Environment
Newton’s Third Law: Action-Reaction
Asexual and Sexual Reproduction Strategies
Snake Jaws: A Lesson in Evolution
Behavioral Adaptations for Surviving Winter
Continental Drift: From Idea to Theory
Transitional Fossils


Media resources on Teachers’ Domain are adapted for the classroom and are drawn from award-winning PBS shows including NOVA, ZOOM!, Design Squad, Frontline and American Experience. Unlimited free access to Teachers’ Domain is available through after completing a simple registration process. Resources cover all content areas and are correlated to state and national standards for registered users.


Key Features of the "Inspiring Middle School Literacy" Special Collection:

Short video segments engage students in the topic

Standards-based topics in science and history

Media-based activities

Interactive classroom activities ideal for computer lab settings or at-home assignments

Interdisciplinary approach

Vocabulary-building online glossary

Structured writing assignments encourage active thinking


The "Inspiring Middle School Literacy: Reading and Writing in Science and History" collection was produced by WGBH and funded by the Leon Lowenstein Foundation. Major funding for Teachers’ Domain was provided by the National Science Foundation.


To explore the entire media collection on Teachers’ Domain now covering all content areas, go to


Source: WGBH Teachers’ Domain,

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