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Free Resources: WGBH Teachers' Domain Classroom Resources, Lesson Plans for LOOP SCOOPS

Posted Feb 28, 2011
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WGBH Teachers' Domain has created free classroom resources to support LOOP SCOOPS, a new animated broadband series for kids ages 6- 9 designed to grab their attention and get them thinking more creatively about the environment and the choices they make. The resources and lesson plans are available at LOOP SCOOPS' short, humorous videos give teachers a turn-key way to jumpstart conversation with their students, exploring sustainability, and promoting student inquiry.

The educational resources include eight videos and four lesson plans. Each video is surrounded by rich support material, including a background essay, teaching tips, links to standards, and related resources. Highlights from the videos include:

A boy named Oliver learns how to reduce the amount of trash he discards.

A boy named Ben learns about the dangers of invasive species - in this case, exotic frogs.

Juice Boxes
A kid discovers that an ordinary juice box is surprisingly high-tech and, once discarded, will last for 300 years.

The lesson plans integrate these questions with broader themes such as "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle," a "Product Life Cycle," "Needs vs. Wants," and "Biodegradation." Students are encouraged to look upon objects and activities in their daily life and begin asking: Where does it come from? What is it made of? What happens to it when I throw it away?

Source: WGBH

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