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Free Resources: USGS Learning Web—Geologic Age

Posted Sep 17, 2007
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Once again, a tip on great free learning resources has come to us by way of the Internet Scout Project from the Computer Science Department at the University of Wisconsin, sponsored by the University of Wisconsin—Madison Libraries. The September 14, 2007 Scout Report includes a pointer to USGS Learning Web: Geologic Age. From the report:

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has created a number of instructional materials for teachers as part of its Learning Web site, and this particular lesson plan [is] designed for use by grades 7-12. …  This set of resources includes a background essay on the use of radioactive decay to determine geologic age, and continues on to provide detailed information on a classroom activity that is both engaging and informative. …

Click HERE to link to this item in the September 14, 2007 Scout Report, which, of course, features a link to the USGS site.

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