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Free Resources: Thomson Gale Offers Earth Day Materials

Posted Mar 12, 2006
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Thomson Gale provides free online access to a variety of Earth Day-related materials, including experiments, information on the environment, related Web links, tools for teachers and parents, and environment-focused Thomson Gale titles.

An online timeline ( lists important dates in environmental history since 1798, commemorating events such as the establishment of the Department of the Interior, the naming of the first national park, and the formation of the National Audubon Society.

A group of 12 online ecology-related experiments ( provide students with opportunities to learn to build a desert biome, explore the reasons a stream meanders, and more. The activities are taken from UXL's four-volume set, "Experiment Central," and are divided into seven standard sections designed to help students follow the experimental process clearly from beginning to end.

Online links ( connect to Web pages about wildlife, conservation, environmental policy, and organizations that support environmental causes.

Additional resources designed for use in lesson plans and student research provide information on biomes, endangered species, and the food Web. A Words to Know section offers a comprehensive glossary of environmental terms—from acid rain to wind power. An environmental ethics section discusses environmental laws and ethical issues, as well as some of the leaders of the modern environmental movement.

The information and resources, appropriate for activities related to Earth Day (April 22), are available online throughout the year.

Source: Thomson Corporation/Thomson Gale,

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