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Free Resources: Thomson Gale Content for Women’s History Month

Posted Feb 13, 2006
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Thomson Gale has announced the launch of a free Web site of biographies, quizzes, activities, timelines, and more to complement classroom topics for Women's History Month. This site is accessible at throughout the month of March.

Among the resources the site gives access to are the following:

* Quizzes and Weekly Prizes—Take a quiz based on women throughout history and their achievements.

* Activities—Thomson Gale's Celebrating Women's History: A Women's History Month Resource Book contains activities that can make Women's History Month more meaningful. Activities are arranged by topics such as geography, health, history, journalism, law/civil rights, literature, music, religion, science, social science, speech/debate, and writing.

* Biographies—Coretta Scott King, Abigail Adams, Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, and Joan of Arc are among the names included in the site's biographies section ( Each entry gives detailed information on some of the world's most notable women, including their birth date and location, details on their personal life and career, and resources for further information.

* Featured Titles—Selected titles include:

-The Library of Famous Women (Blackbirch Press)
-Modern American Women Writers (Charles Scribner's Sons)
-Celebrating Women's History: A Women's History Month Resource Book (Thomson Gale)
-Current Controversies - Violence Against Women (Greenhaven Press)
-History Makers - Women Olympic Champions (Lucent Books)
-Macmillan Profiles: Black Women in America (Macmillan Reference USA)
-Geisha: A Life, by Mineko Iwasaki (Thorndike Press)

Timeline—The timeline available at features milestones in women's history from ancient times through the present, commemorating such events as the painting of the Mona Lisa, Catherine the Great becoming the ruler of Russia, and the Atlantic flight of Amelia Earhart.

* Links—Click on for links to Web pages created by and for women and girls.

* Women's Rights on Trial—Women's Rights on Trial contains 101 key trials of historical importance to American women since the settlement of the colonies. The editors used five criteria in selecting the trials for the book: Does the case set a precedent? Is it representative of an historical period? Is it a judicial landmark? Does it offer an historical contrast to an earlier trial in the book? And finally, is it interesting? The following 12 representative trials from the book are presented at in their entirety:

-Mary Dyer Trials: 1659 & 1660
-Griffith v. Griffith's Executors: 1798
-Pennsylvania v. Addicks: 1813
-United States v. Susan B. Anthony: 1873
-The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire: 1911
-Roe v. Wade: 1973
-Weinberger v.Wiesenfeld: 1975
-Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson: 1986
-In the Matter of Baby M: 1988
-The Tailhook Scandal: 1994
-Ireland v. Smith: 1995
-United States v. Virginia: 1996

Source: Thomson Gale,

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