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Free Resources: The Weather Channel Offers Web-Based Resource on Global Warming

Posted Dec 7, 2006
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The Weather Channel has announced the availability of a multimedia Web-based resource on global warming, designed to help educators and students better understand how this phenomenon affects weather events around the world.

In support of "The Climate Code" with Dr. Heidi Cullen on The Weather Channel, this resource encourages students to explore global warming and some of the dangers it poses to the Earth's natural elements. Through a multimedia, Flash-based exploration of global "hotspots" narrated by Dr. Heidi Cullen, students learn about glacial melting in Antarctica, coral reef bleaching in Australia, and drought and wildfires in the western U.S., as well as how these weather issues affect our society and lives. In addition, it provides additional Web resources where students can extend their exploration, a link to a blog maintained by Dr. Heidi Cullen and other weather experts, and a link to a resource glossary on the network's broadband channel - One Degree: Climate Change.

The Weather Channel partnered with Topics Education, an education outreach development firm, to create this Web site and multimedia unit. Designed for middle and high school students, as well as teachers, the unit resides in the "Student" section of (see Topics Education produces custom K-12 resources for companies and organizations worldwide, helping them make positive contributions to classrooms. The resources are typically free for educators and students, so Topics Education also helps clients present the resources to those educators whose instruction will benefit from the resources. is a unique multimedia website that compiles free weather and climate education content in one location. Utilizing the expertise of The Weather Channel, the site provides more than 29,000 registered users with easy-to-use tools and resources that help bring weather to life both in the classroom and at home. Teachers can access a variety of standards-based lesson plans and activities, spanning weather topics from global climate concerns and sun safety to the science behind storms; parents can find timely resources that help educate families on how to plan for and stay safe during severe weather; and students can get age-appropriate homework help and enjoy fun, interactive features that invite them to use technology to explore key weather concepts.

Source: The Weather Channel,

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