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Free Resources: The Baldwin Online Children's Literature project

Posted Dec 5, 2005
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Occasionally we find pearls for the K-12 LMS community in the weekly Scout Report from the Internet Scout Project. That's definitely true for an item in last week's issue.

From the December 2, 2005 Scout Report's reference to The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project:

The mission of the Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project is to bring together a wide selection of literature for children from the period from 1880 to 1920. … First-time visitors to the site will want to read an introductory piece offered here that explains how the site works, and then proceed to one of the 256 books that are currently part of the archive. Some of these titles include classic works by Beatrix Potter, Clara Dillingham Pierson, and M. B. Synge…

Link to the Scout Report's complete description HERE, and from there, link on to the Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project itself. You'll be charmed. And you might find some resources that would bring an interesting new perspective to your students' reading or literature study.

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